The Word Among Us

October 2019 Issue

Letters from Home

Meeting God in the Scriptures.

Letters from Home: Meeting God in the Scriptures.

Many saints have written about the Scriptures, but St. Augustine may have summed it up best: “The Holy Scriptures are our letters from home.” Augustine could speak from experience. His own conversion happened after he had heard a voice calling him to “take up and read” the word of God. When Augustine opened up the Bible, his eyes fell on a passage that spoke directly to the immorality of his life. He was cut to the heart and brought to repentance. This “letter from home” changed his entire life. Although our experience may not always be as dramatic as Augustine’s, we too can experience God speaking to us in a personal way through Scripture.

Because it is inspired by the Holy Spirit, the Bible is different from any other book. It can penetrate our hearts and reveal our own...


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