The Word Among Us

February 2004 Issue

St Gregory of Nyssa

Charting our journey toward God with a bishop from the early church,

By: Gregory Roa

Gregory of Nyssa was an important person in his lifetime, but it might be said that his place in history was overshadowed by the company he kept. He did not share the gift for leadership that his older brother Basil possessed. And although a good speaker, Gregory was not as acclaimed as John Chrysostom, who became known as the "golden-tongued" preacher and bishop of Constantinople. He wasn't even the most famous "Gregory" of his time! That honor went to his close friend Gregory of Nazianzus, who was seen as the champion of theological wisdom in the fourth century.

But with the passage of time, Gregory of Nyssa has emerged as an impressive figure in his own right—a thinker who made a unique...


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