The Word Among Us

January 2004 Issue

Take Your Spiritual Pulse

Tammy nervously walked into the medical center. After a thirty-minute wait, she was brought in to see her doctor. He opened her file and began to read a series of statistics to her: "Your pulse is good, and your blood pressure is 120 over 65. Temperature is a perfect 98.6. Your lungs are strong, and your weight falls in the normal range. The blood test identified your cholesterol to be a bit high at 210. The AIDS test came back negative, and your blood count is good. Your EKG showed a rhythmic heartbeat free of any abnormalities. It looks like you're in pretty good shape, Tammy. But I'd like you to work on lowering your cholesterol this year. Let's talk about how you can do this."

Doctors monitor our vital signs because they know that the data in these signs can help them gauge our physical health and chart our...


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