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Celebrating All Saints Day with Kids

Celebrating All Saints Day with Kids

All Saints Day is a perfect time to celebrate the heroic and inspiring lives of the many great saints of the church and to help your family to know and love them. Here are a few family activities that work well:

  • Help the children to dress up like a saint they admire and then march around singing, “When the Saints Go Marching In.” In one family, the four-year-old wanted to be St. Lucy simply because she had seen a picture of St. Lucy holding a lamb, and her “security” toy at the time was a fleecy little lamb!
  • Read an age-appropriate saint’s biography to your children. Have them draw a picture from a scene in the book. Proudly display the pictures on the refrigerator.
  • Watch a movie about a saint. Many are available from online sources like Netflix. Or borrow one from your parish CCD office or from friends who already own one.
  • Make a special meal or serve a special dessert to mark the day. For example, if your saint is Italian, make a spaghetti feast!
  • Before dinner or at some other convenient time, pray the Litany of the Saints.

Whatever you choose to do, have fun! Your kids’ fond memories of this day will help them grow in appreciation of the saints for the rest of their lives!