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Marriage & Family Resource Articles

Marriage & Family Resource Articles

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“My Mom Is a Saint”

A Miraculous Healing My mother was born in 1929, and I’m the youngest of her five children. More »

Marriage Is a Team Sport

Soccer is a popular sport in our home, and at one time or another—and often simultaneously—all four of our children have played the game. More »

A Mother’s Prayerful Perseverance

St. Monica (331–387) was the long-suffering mother of St. Augustine (354–380). In her youth, she was in danger of becoming a “wine bibber,” but a stinging rebuke from a maid who found her secretly sipping wine in the wine cellar caused her to stop. More »

Images of Covenant Love

Have you ever thought about how important pictures are when it comes to understanding our Catholic faith? Of course, we all know that we need to understand the truths and doctrines of the Church. But without images, metaphors, and illustrations, these truths can feel cold and distant. More »

A Love That Never Gives Up

111. “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things” [1 Cor 13:7]. Here we see clearly the countercultural power of a love that is able to face whatever might threaten it. More »

The Power of Charity

The virtue of charity has incredible power to open people to God, to bring light out of darkness and hope from despair. But it can cost everything! Still, it will give more than you can imagine. More »