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Personal Spirituality Resource Articles

Personal Spirituality Resource Articles

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Take Time for Advent Family Prayer

Advent is the perfect time to start new habits of prayer. If you’re not sure how to start, here are some tips for parents. There isn’t one right way—there are many! Whether you find time on the run or create a bedtime prayer routine, praying together can produce greater peace, greater hope, and greater faith during the holiday season. More »

Find the Glory of the Lord This Advent

Experiencing God’s glory isn’t just for the disciples who knew Jesus personally. It’s for all of us. You can have a personal encounter with Jesus this Advent. As you do, and as you find the glory of the Lord in prayer, it will naturally help you to be a little more loving to your family and friends this Christmas. More »

Getting to Know Saints as Our Friends

As Christians we are all trying to do our best to love God and neighbor. But let’s not kid ourselves—it’s getting more and more difficult to hold onto our faith.  More »

Where St. Teresa of Calcutta Found Her Strength

Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who died on September 5, 1997, was one of the greatest spiritual “overachievers” of our time. She accomplished so much, that we might think she rarely took a break from tending to the human misery that surrounded her. More »

The Hallmarks of Friendship

“Men walking on level ground do not have to lend one another a hand, while those who are on a rugged, slippery road hold on to one anther in order to walk more safely.” —St. Francis de Sales, An Introduction to the Devout Life, 3.19 More »