What We Can Learn from St. Ignatius

He shows us how to pay attention.

What We Can Learn from St. Ignatius

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In third grade Sr. Cordelia gave out free tickets to the movies for every student in the class. In fact, Catholic school kids throughout Chicago were offered the tickets to see a movie about a Catholic saint.

We talked Mom into driving us to the theater. What made an impression on me then was a big battle at a castle and a brave soldier wounded there. After the fights ended, not much else made sense to me. Ten years later I realized that the movie was about the life of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of my order, the Jesuits. Over the years I have found his story to be so important for understanding the rules for discernment of God’s will that I want to pass it on to you.

How to Listen When God Is Speaking. The battle portrayed in the old movie took place at Pamplona between the French and Spanish in 1521. Ignatius, known then by his Basque name, Inigo, was wounded in the leg by a cannon- ball. He…

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