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Prayers to Start Your Day

By: Fr. Austin Fleming, the “Concord Pastor”

Prayers to Start Your Day by Fr. Austin Fleming, the “Concord Pastor”

Looking for a way to start morning with God on your mind and in your heart? Start the morning with one of these prayers.

Let Me Overflow with Your Love

Good morning, good God!

But I often fail to see, to hear, to sense you,
to feel your touch upon my shoulder gently guiding
or purposefully pushing me to reclaim the path
you’ve marked out for my steps.

I offer my desire to be open,
to recognize, to know the moments of grace
that come my way every day, every night.

I offer you my need to trust that you are with me,
especially when I fear you’ve left me.

I offer you my hope to find you in some special way
every day of my life,
to discover your presence and your peace
settling in around me and within me
in ways that only you would know I need.

I offer you my hunger
for the warmth of your embrace,
the light of your wisdom,
the peace of your Spirit.

And I offer you my prayer that in some way
my life will be a moment of grace
for all whose lives and paths meet mine this day.

I offer you my heart, Lord,
a cup yearning to be filled to overflowing
with the gifts you have in store for me
this morning and in the week ahead. Amen.

Before I Open My Eyes This Morning

The folks in this house may still be sound asleep
as the sun calls them to rise,
to shine with the light that all at once
pierces their curtained windows
and reflects their Creator’s glory.

Before I opened my eyes this morning, Lord,
your light was already shining on me,
the warmth of your presence calling me
to rise to the summons of a brand new day.

Cloudy or clear, snowy, raining or dry,
your light was piercing my curtained soul
and reflecting, in spite of me,
the glory that’s yours to share.

In spite of me and all my fears,
in spite of my self-pity,
in spite of any burdens I bear,
let your light shine warm
in the depths of who I am.
Melt what keeps me from absorbing,
from reflecting brightly,
the brilliance of who-you-are in who-I-am
in the brand new day that summons me
to rise and shine and live,
grateful for your love. Amen.

Where I Am Today

Help me know where I am today, Lord.

Help me let go of yesterday’s worries
and not take on tomorrow’s fears.

This is the day you’ve made, Lord;
it’s in this moment that you’re by my side.

Help me know where I am today, Lord.

In your eyes, Lord,
this day is filled with opportunities
for me to love and serve others
and to spend time with you in prayer.
Open my eyes and heart
to what you see, Lord,
and fill my day with your peace. Amen.

Excerpted from Good Morning, Good God! by Fr. Austin Fleming (The Word Among Us Press, 2015). Available at More prayers by Fr. Fleming, the “Concord Pastor,” can be found on his popular blog at