The Word Among Us

July/August 2014 Issue

Opening the "Book of the Christ"

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Publisher's Letter

A Letter from the Publisher.

Writing to his close friend Timothy, St. Paul once said that Scripture is “useful for teaching, for refutation, for correction, and for training in righteousness” (2 Timothy 3:16). That’s a lot of uses for a two thousand-year-old book! I myself have found many of the same uses for the Bible. I enjoy reading Jesus’ parables and learning from them how God wants us to live. I also appreciate all that I can learn about the Bible by reading commentaries on some of my favorite passages. And I enjoy comparing the different ways that the four Gospel writers tell the same story. There’s so much to learn in the Bible—so much help I can get from it! More »


Opening the “Book of Christ”

When they look back on our era decades from now, historians will no doubt call this the “Information Age.” From the dawn of the Internet to the ready availability of smart phones and tablets to the proliferation of twenty-four-hour news channels and endless blogs and chat rooms, we are being bombarded with all sorts of facts and falsities, along with anyone and everyone’s insights and opinions. The world is virtually bursting with more knowledge, new programs, and innovative methods for getting things done. Much of this has a good side, of course. But it can also make us focus only on the “functional” and the efficient. More »

Receiving God’s Good Gifts

When he was a boy, Jack assumed everyone saw the world the way he did. He thought it was natural to have to strain his eyes to see the chalkboard at the front of the classroom. But then one day when he was in fourth grade, he tried on his friend’s new glasses and was amazed: he could see clearly for the first time! He realized that he needed glasses too. What he thought was normal vision really wasn’t. He didn’t have to go through life squinting! More »

Woman of the Word

In Luke’s Gospel, a woman from the crowd raises her voice and says to Jesus, “Blessed is the womb that carried you and the breasts at which you nursed!” But Jesus replies, “Rather, blessed are those who hear the word of God and observe it” (Luke 11:27, 28). More »

Special Feature

Keep Drinking from the Fountain

When I lead a session of lectio divina in a parish, I often quote a fourth-century Christian writer who is unknown to most of us. He comes from a place, a time, and even a church with which few of us are familiar. More »

From Lobbyist to Lord

I wasn’t looking to do business with God on that October evening. I was on a business trip for the Fortune 500 company I’d been with for twenty years. Having moved up quickly through the ranks, I held a regional executive position, and my family lived comfortably. Life was good—except for the emptiness I felt from time to time. More »

He Was Always My Daddy

My father and I did not have a perfect relationship or even good communication. I can’t attribute that to his thick Italian accent, since he spoke fluent English. “Daddy” (as I called him even in my adult years) was a hard worker, a good provider, a lover of fishing, music, and whistling; he respected God and his Catholic faith and was an honest businessman and a responsible family man. More »

Looking through Our Father’s Eyes

As a priest, I have been fascinated by the different kinds of fathers I have encountered in the hearts of their children,” writes Fr. George Montague. That’s because “the father image is often the lens through which we view the world and the judgment we make on others.” Especially, this image has a tremendous effect—for good or ill—on the way we relate to our heavenly Father. More »