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A Christmas Prayer

By: Fr. Austin Fleming

A Christmas Prayer by Fr. Austin Fleming

A Prayer for the Christmas season.

Child of Mary’s womb,
apple of Joseph’s eye,
welcome us when we come to you:
to visit, to pray,
simply to draw near.

Set our gaze on only that star
whose light leads us
along the path of your truth.

Teach us to make of our hearts
the finest gift we have to offer
to you and to others.

When we wonder if we have found you—
or lost you—
deepen our faith
in your faithful pursuit of us,
our lives, and our love.

Appear, shine, and reveal
the beauty of your face to us,
that we might never fail to see you
in all we meet and know.

Guide us, Lord Jesus,
by your perfect light. Amen.

This prayer is a selection from Good Morning, Good God! by Fr. Austin Fleming (The Word Among Us Press, 2015). Available at More prayers by Fr. Fleming, the “Concord Pastor,” can be found on his popular blog at