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The Power of Intercessory Prayer

Prayer to Unite Our Nation

The Power of Intercessory Prayer: Prayer to Unite Our Nation

Jesus once said that faith can move mountains (Matthew 17:20). He may not have meant that literally, but it’s true, nonetheless. As we intercede in faith, our prayers really can change the course of events. History offers us plenty of examples.

Here is just one: in 1240, St. Clare and her sisters were living in the monastery of San Damiano when an army of pillaging soldiers were preparing to climb over the walls of the convent. Clare was sick in bed, but when her sisters came to her for help, she got up, took the Blessed Sacrament from the chapel and faced the invaders at an open window. The soldiers fell back and took flight. Then she and her sisters prayed for God to protect the city of Assisi. The army retreated entirely and never returned.

We can be tempted to think that God only listens to the prayers of his saints, but that’s not the case. We have Christ living in us, and so when we intercede, Jesus is praying in us and with us. God hears our prayers. And our prayers of intercession are especially valuable when we join together with other Christians and offer them to God.

Over the past year, our nation has been struggling with a deadly pandemic, racism, social unrest, and a contentious, polarizing political environment. If we join together in prayer, the Lord can help us to find peace and common ground. He can help us to love and respect one another, even when our differences in outlook remain. Together in prayer, we can ask God to heal and bless our nation.

Uniting Our Nation in Prayer

This is already happening. On the feast of the Assumption this year, three thousand people in Wisconsin made a reverent intercessory pilgrimage. They prayed the Rosary and asked God to bring unity in our nation as they carried the Blessed Sacrament through their city. That day an intercessory prayer movement began.

Since that time, there have been 119 intercessory prayer rallies throughout the nation, including seventy on college campuses. At the time of this writing, another seventy-one parishes will be interceding in the coming weeks. These events are all nonpartisan and, while started by Catholics, they are open to Christians of all denominations.

A few days ago, one such rally was held in San Diego, which can be seen in this video. As one young participant put it, “We want to make a difference! Coming together in prayer is the way we can do it,” she said, “because we are going directly to the Source of healing and power.”

Another intercessor said, “The reason that we are here is to bring unity. What is happening in our society is because of a lack of prayer. We want everyone to come together, from all denominations. We need to unite with each other, so please pray, wherever you are, with your family. Let’s all pray together!”

Whether or not we participate in Eucharistic processions or prayer rallies, we can all intercede. Intercessory prayer is vital if we want God’s peace to reign in our midst. So let’s pray for our families, our nation, and for the whole world. As we join together in prayer, our faith can move mountains of distrust and division and bring healing to our nation and the world.

Download a free booklet on intercessory prayer.

You can view the video about the procession in San Diego here.