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Rooted by the River

It means life for us!

Rooted by the River: <em>It means life for us!</em>

Do you want to know God’s presence and power in your life?

Then follow the psalmist’s advice, and be like that tree in Psalm 1: plant yourself by the “streams of water” (1:3), the living river of God’s grace.

Hear it rush forth, fresh and teeming with life! Nothing holds this river back as it springs from the very heart of God.

God wants us to be like a tree planted right next to this river. Instinctively, the tree’s roots go as deep as necessary to receive water. Similarly, God invites us to become firmly rooted in his life by letting him influence every dimension of our lives: our work, our family, our finances, even our leisure time. He promises that as we root ourselves in him, he will not hold back a single drop from us.

Isn’t it funny that we often come to God with a small tin cup, asking for a drink, when all the time there is a powerful waterfall right in our midst? We should never underestimate how much God wants to do in us. He loves us all with an everlasting love, and he will always remain faithful to us.

God longs to strengthen us to choose his ways and be obedient to him. Every time we obey his word, ask for his help, or turn to him in worship, we open ourselves to his water of life. God is not calling us just to try hard to be good—although there are plenty of times when we must exert all our effort to remain obedient. The miracle of the gospel is that in addition to our hard work, God wants to work in us. Remaining in his presence allows his river to erode our old ways of thinking and living. It will allow him to point out areas where we are not choosing him, and help us make the necessary changes.

Every day, we face numerous choices: Will we obey God, or will we go our own way? And, every day, God offers us his grace to empower us beyond our human limitations. Let’s stay rooted by his river. It means nothing less than life for us!