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The Essential Practice of Our Faith

The Essential Practice of Our Faith

Uniting ourselves with the Lord at the start of the day is a foundation for the practice of our faith.

Our faith, and how we observe it, is rooted in our relationship with God. All we do to serve him flows most fruitfully from our experience of his love for us personally and individually. And our relationship with the Lord is founded in, and strengthened and deepened, through prayer.

God has made you a temple of his Holy Spirit. These three prayers can be said separately, or all together, as a morning offering that springs from the heart of the temple you are—an offering of your own heart and will and the events of your day—that rises as a pleasing aroma to the Lord.

Make Me Your Holy Temple

Good morning, good God!

You choose me
to be a temple of your presence,
to be a home for your Spirit,
to hold something holy within me.
You trust me to hold you
in my heart, in my mind,
in my hands, in my soul,
in my imagination, in my body.
You trust me to hold you within me,
to hold your Spirit within me
even as you hold me.
It’s easy for me to say,
“I’m not worthy to be your temple.”
It’s harder for me to say,
“I want to be worthy.”
But this morning, Lord,
that’s my prayer. Amen.

Draw Me into Your Heart of Hearts

I offer you this morning
the things that get in faith’s way in my life.
I offer my disappointment, Lord,
when you don’t do what I want you to do
and in the way I want you to do it.
Help me remember
that you are not my servant;
that I am yours.

I offer my impatience, Lord,
when you respond so slowly to my prayers
and the doubts I have,
when you seem not to hear my prayers at all.
Help me trust that you hear every prayer I offer
long before it’s in my heart or on my lips.

I offer you my envy, Lord,
when I fret about not having all that others have.
Open my eyes wide to the gifts I do have,
to the blessings I’ve received,
to the peace and joy you have in store for me
and want me to find and have.

I offer you my hopelessness, Lord,
when I feel my life is like the wind,
that I shall never see happiness again.
Help me trust, Lord,
that when I cannot find you,
you are still by my side;
that even when I feel abandoned,
you hold me in the palm of your hand.
Draw me from myself, Lord,
and into your heart of hearts.
Help me to welcome you as my Redeemer,
the One whom I shall see with my own eyes,
the One who promises and will bring me peace. Amen.

Bend My Heart to Your Will

Bend my heart to do your will
and not to love of gain.
Keep my eyes from what is false:
by your word, give me life.

—Psalm 119:36-3

Bend my heart today, Lord,
to see you more clearly,
love you more dearly,
follow you more nearly.
Bend my heart to know you,
to understand—and to do—what you ask of me.
Keep my gaze from what’s false,
from whatever leads me off the path of your truth.
Open me to your word, Lord,
to the counsel I need,
to the wisdom that’s only yours to give.

Bend my heart to your will
and open my eyes to the light of your presence.
Bend my heart to the stillness, Lord,
and help me know that you are my God,
that you are near. Amen.

—selections from Good Morning, Good God!, by Fr. Austin Fleming. The Word Among Us Press, 2016) Available from