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The Sacred Heart of Jesus, Source of Infinite Mercy

The Sacred Heart of Jesus, Source of Infinite Mercy

Father, you have loved us as your own children. From age to age you have shown us compassion and love, and in the fullness of time you acted to take away our burdens and meet all our needs. All praise to you Father, that from your heart of love, you give us the sacred heart of your Son, Jesus.

From all eternity, your heart beats with love for each one of us. Though we have sinned against you again and again, you would not treat us as our sins deserved. All praise to you, Father, that you allowed the heart of your precious Son to be pierced for us. Because of him, we are free!

Jesus, your sacred heart is the source and ocean of infinite mercy. All praise to you, Lord, that even in our sinfulness, we are washed clean in this limitless ocean. Your sacred heart is the propitiation for our sins. Because you were obedient, even unto death, your heart was bruised for our offenses and pierced for our iniquities. All praise to you, Lord, for your heart is the salvation of all who trust in you.

Jesus, your heart burns with charity and generosity toward us. It is full of goodness and kindness for us, infinitely patient with our weaknesses. All praise to you, Lord, for you will never turn us away.

Jesus, in your heart we find all wisdom and knowledge. We find all peace, compassion, and consolation. All praise to you, Lord, that every moment of every day, we can turn to your heart and find our refuge.

Jesus, you love us so deeply that after you died on the cross for us, you did not leave us abandoned. You sent your Holy Spirit to dwell in our hearts and promised that you will come back to us, to take us to be with you forever. Lord, we thank you that you are so deeply in love with us that you never want to be separated from us.

Points for Meditation

• In the 1670s, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, a French nun, received visions of Jesus in which he asked to be honored under the symbol of his heart. In one vision, Margaret Mary rested her head upon Jesus’ heart, while he disclosed the wonders of his love for mankind. In prayer, imagine yourself laying your head on the heart of Jesus. What would he say to you?

• Jesus’ heart is an ocean of mercy. Intercede for men and women everywhere, that they would come to know the compassionate and gentle heart of their Savior.


Holy Spirit, you are the comforter of all people. In your mercy, call us back to the heart of our Lord, the source of all comfort. Lead us each day into the sacred heart of Jesus, where we can find rest from all our weariness and burdens. May we lose ourselves in the endless mercy of his heart!