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The Serendipity of God

God continually puts good things in our lives.

By: Laura Stierman

The Serendipity of God: <em>God continually puts good things in our lives.</em> by Laura Stierman

Have you ever wondered if the Lord would speak to you?

Or if you could be inspired or guided by the word of God? Perhaps you attended Bible studies that left you disappointed or even hurt. And yet the Lord does desire to connect with you through his word, to deepen the connection you already may have with him. When you need wisdom and strength, grab your Bible, find a favorite passage, and listen for the Lord.

The Bible seems to be a mysterious book to many of us. Our lives and our futures have always been a mystery, but the time we are in now seems more mysterious than most. The COVID-19 pandemic has left many of us hiding in suspense when we should be living in mystery. More now than ever, we need to encounter the Lord to gain strength, grace, and wisdom. We can do this by meeting the men and women he knew and loved and entering into their lives.

This is the serendipity of God. “Serendipity” is the gift of accidentally finding good amid everyday life. God continuously puts good things in our lives, and he delights when we find them.

Now, more than ever, we need to encounter the Lord to gain strength, grace, and wisdom. There are individuals who have something to tell us from the depths of their souls and the experience of their world. They have names like Judith, Esther, Ruth, and Rahab. Some of these women knew Jesus and the power he had to change their lives. He has that power to change yours too.

Imagine the Lord smiling upon you as you dive into his word and make it your own. You will undoubtedly discover different insights than others have. You will make the men and women you meet in the Bible your friends and invite them over for coffee and scones, asking them questions no one else has ever thought to ask. This is the serendipity of God too.

It’s about learning how to read the Bible; about deepening your relationship with the Lord. For the Lord is indeed inviting you to enter into the greatest mystery of all: his abiding, reckless, overpowering, agape love for you. There is no wound the Lord is not eager to heal, no sin the Lord is not willing to forgive, no past the Lord is not ready to make perfect. There is nothing to fear.

You own a Bible, and you know how to use it. The Lord is waiting for you.

(One last thing: write in your Bible. Highlight, underline, use exclamation points, and make notes in the margins! Let it become a familiar friend who knows your secrets and struggles as well as your strength, your courage, and your beauty inside and out.)

This is an excerpt from I Own a Bible and I’m Not Afraid to Use It by Laura Stierman (The Word Among Us Press, 2021), available at