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Two Prayers for the New Year

Seek wisdom and simplicity in the new year.

By: Fr. Austin Fleming

Two Prayers for the New Year: Seek wisdom and simplicity in the new year. by Fr. Austin Fleming

The beginning of things is a very good place to start. As we begin another new year, pray. Pray for the wisdom and vision and fearlessness of the Magi, who persisted through qualms and uncertainties that surely shook them sometimes. Pray, too, for the detachment they showed, leaving everything to follow where the Lord led.

For Epiphany

O Magi, were you confused? Did you wonder if you’d taken a left for a right or misjudged the bright star’s GPS?
Was it all a big mistake? Could this really be the street? The place? The door?
The light spills into night and beckons and calls: “This way! Come this way! Let go your thoughts of what should be or might have been, and open up to what is here, to what will be, to where he is and where he dwells in the light his presence warms on this chilled and darkened night!”
Teach us your wisdom, Lord:
open our eyes to your star above
and our hearts to your glowing presence within us, around us,
and living just across the street,
lighting the paths we walk each day,
lifting us up and out of our darkness
to your radiant and holy face. Amen.

Help Me Simplify, Lord

Help me simplify my life, Lord. Help me give away, give up, clean out, cast off,
do without, strip away the many things I do not need. Help me empty my heart of things that cannot offer what my heart was meant to hold.
And make me generous, Lord,
in sharing and giving away
the things I have in plenty,
for which others have so great a need.
Help me see the needs
of those whose paths cross mine today, Lord, and open my heart to be ready to give freely, without counting the cost. Amen.

These two prayers are from Good Morning, Good God! by Fr. Austin Fleming, published by The Word Among Us Press (2016). Available at