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Visitation Day

By: Jeanne Kun

Visitation Day by Jeanne Kun

A prayerful and poetic reflection on Mary’s visit to Elizabeth.

In haste Mary climbed the hills of Judah,
a young girl
hurried by the secret growing in her
to seek reassurance
from another who
also held in quiet confidence
the certainty that nothing is impossible with God.

And Elizabeth did not fail her:
Blessed are you among women,
and blessed is the fruit of your womb.

The Spirit prompted her
to instant recognition
of Mary’s hidden treasure
as her own babe leapt within her womb,
already eager to commence his herald role.

Then Mary spilled her joy
(forever scattering grace about her)
in words that long millennia
have never silenced.
And all generations since that Visitation Day
have called her blessed
as they too magnify the Word
so wondrously clothed in this virgin’s flesh.

This poem by Jeanne Kun is a selection from My Soul Magnifies the Lord: A Scriptural Journey with Mary (The Word Among Us Press, 2003). Available at