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Marriage & Family Resource Articles

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Let the Peace of Christ Reign in Your Heart

If we look to the family of faith—from biblical heroes to the lives of the saints and even to our fellow believers—we find continuous testimony to the truth that God desires to give his people peace.
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Try This for Lent

Lent is a season rich in symbols and meaning. Even if you are trying to stay at home because of the pandemic, here are some suggested ways to help you and your family grow spiritually during Lent. More »

Coaching Kids to Career Success

As parents, you help your children to build a strong faith, get a strong education, and develop a strong and healthy body. Do you also consider how to help them build a strong career path? This isn’t just about having a good job and financial security. More »

Why I Love St. Francis de Sales

I was in my early thirties when the Holy Spirit inspired me to have a regular morning prayer time. There were only two problems: my two little ones! They were very early risers, so my best-laid plans for a quiet time were often thwarted. More »

Channels of Wisdom

Mary’s visit to Elizabeth shortly after the annunciation is usually understood as a mission to assist her elder relative in preparation for the birth of John the Baptist. Another way to look at this, however, is that the visit also afforded Elizabeth the opportunity to pass down wisdom to her younger kinswoman, a tradition of sharing that has gone on throughout human history. More »