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Personal Spirituality Resource Articles

Personal Spirituality Resource Articles

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“Mary, Mother of Yes”

Mary’s life testifies to this hope, that God neither deceives nor abandons us, even when the situation we face seems impossibly difficult. More »

Friendship with Jesus

All kinds of “peace-busters” get in our way, but by holding tightly to Jesus in prayer, we can be touched by God’s saving love and experience peace restored.  More »

Stories of Easter Encounters

Jesus is drawn to the lonely and hurting, and all who are hungry for his presence. He will show up, because he loves you too much to stay away! More »

Celebrate Easter’s Fifty Days

After the last jelly bean is gone, the Easter season continues. Take time to celebrate all fifty days with some of these easy suggestions. More »

Why Are You Weeping?

Cling to Jesus as the risen Lord. Hold on to your love for him even if you feel you have lost your faith. More »

Christ Lives

In his recently released apostolic exhortation "Christus Vivit" ("Christ Lives"), Pope Francis reaches out to young people and to all of us to remind and encourage us in our faith. More »