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St. Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist

St. Matthew faithfully poured out his life preaching the gospel of mercy that bears his name. More »

Reaching Out in Faith

Today God continues to work miracles in our midst to bring us healing, wholeness, and deeper conversion to him. More »

Echoing to Others God’s Words of Affirmation

You can be strengthened by the affirming word of Father, Son, and Spirit. And from that strength, you can affirm others in their goodness by seeing them do good things and encouraging them to continue doing the good. More »

Swatting Gnats

Just keep swatting at distractions and random thoughts during your prayer time and go peacefully on. More »

What Makes Your Grandchild Special?

The reason every child is special is because God gives each one special gifts and talents. It’s not about them; it’s about what God has given to them! More »

“Late Have I Loved You”

St. Augustine’s journey to God took longer than he may have wished, but the Lord wasted no time in transforming Augustine’s natural passion, energy and brilliance to serve him and his church. More »