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Thanksgiving All Year Long

The national holiday of Thanksgiving—celebrated in November in the United States and in October in Canada—is a perfect opportunity to think about gratitude. It can remind us and our families about the importance of being grateful—for the Lord as the source of life, and for one another—all year long. Continue »

St. Luke the Artist Paints with Words

St. Luke the Artist Paints with Words

Tradition tells us that Luke was a painter, and that in writing his Gospel, he set out to paint with words

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When was the last time you visited an art gallery or museum and wandered about, enjoying the paintings and sculptures? Continue »

Praying with Thanksgiving

Praying with Thanksgiving

Let your gratitude to God give shape and substance to your daily prayer to him.

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Prayers of thanksgiving make up a big part of all my daily prayer times. I thank the Lord for all the marvels of his creation and love. I praise him for this vast universe of one hundred billion galaxies, for this beautiful planet he made as a dwelling for us, his sons and daughters, and for the Word made flesh, who dwelt among us as Jesus Christ, in whom we have salvation and eternal life. Continue »

“Male and Female He Created Them”

“Male and Female He Created Them”

The Communion of Love between a Husband and Wife Finds Its Ultimate Source in God

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Let us turn our attention to a seemingly simple statement found in the opening pages of Scripture: “God created man in his image; in the divine image he created him; male and female he created them” (Genesis 1:27). Continue »

Jubilantly Unemployed

Jubilantly Unemployed

I entrusted my unknown future to an all-knowing God.

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After several decades in the food manufacturing industry, I rose to a position of respect and high compensation. But the year I turned fifty, my company fell on hard times. Tension began to mount in the factory, especially among those of us on the leadership team. I started to get defensive in the workplace. That’s when I realized I needed to adjust my priorities and seek God’s will for my career. Continue »

Saints Grieve Too

Saints Grieve Too

Learning from St. Elizabeth of Hungary

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The saints were not immune from the suffering that comes from loss and grief. No one is; it’s part of the human condition. Continue »

Echoing to Others God’s Words of Affirmation

It’s easy to remember the first time that Therese complimented John in front of his mother. It was an autumn day. We had driven over a hundred miles, complete with construction detours and hours of bumper-to-bumper traffic. Continue »

Parenting Lessons from the Saints

Quite a few years ago, St. Joseph came into my life in a new way. Not long before, I had taken the plunge from singlehood to married life, jumping into the deep end of the pool by marrying a widower with six children. I was hardly a natural for the role of stepmother (just ask the children!). Continue »

The Saints Teach Us to Converse with God

The Church celebrates All Saints Day on November 1. Find inspiration and wisdom about conversing with God in prayer in this selection of quotations from the saints. Continue »

In the Shadow of Death, Hope

All Souls’ Day, or the Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed, which the Church celebrates on November 2, is an opportunity to commend our loved ones to God. Continue »

Sts. Simon and Jude, Apostles

Let us join with the whole Church on October 28 to celebrate the feast of these blessed apostles. Continue »

More Than a Feeling

More Than a Feeling

Married love is created by God to endure all things and never fail or end.

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Marriages are more likely to thrive when both spouses keep mindful of certain paradoxes. A paradox is a statement that seems to contradict itself but is nonetheless true. Consider these two: Continue »

Finding God’s Peace in Everyday Challenges

Finding God’s Peace in Everyday Challenges

Meditations on the effectiveness of prayer

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The Power of Our Prayers Continue »

Keeping Our Eyes Fixed

Keeping Our Eyes Fixed

A Lesson in Prayer from St. Teresa of Avila

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O Lord, how true that all harm comes to us from not keeping our eyes fixed on You. . . . We meet with a thousand falls and obstacles and lose the way because we don’t keep our eyes . . . on the true way. (The Way of Perfection, 16.11) Continue »

Making Your “Better Half” Your Best Friend

In the movie “Fiddler on the Roof,” Tevye asks his wife, Golde, “Do you love me?” She responds by listing some of the everyday services she performs for him. Continue »

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