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The Spirit of Lent

The somber chant of the Miserere (Psalm 51) on Ash Wednesday instills within us the spirit of this season of repentance: More »

Try This for Lent

Lent is a season rich in symbols and meaning. Here are some suggested ways to help you and your family grow spiritually during Lent. Choose the ones you think your family would enjoy the most. More »

It’s Never Too Late

“Do old things,” God whispered to me, as I asked him what I ought to do with all the time I now found on my hands. Shattering my ankle in six places had definitely not been on the agenda for my life. The accident had forced me to be off my feet for six months, and I had little to keep me occupied. More »

Celebrate the Feast of the Presentation with Simeon and Anna

Mary and Joseph come to the temple, the center of Israel’s faith, to carry out two Jewish customs: the mother’s purification on the fortieth day after childbirth (Leviticus 12:1-8) and the consecration of the first-born son (Exodus 13:1-2, 11-16). Jesus’ parents are observant Jews who greatly respect the Mosaic law and conscientiously fulfill its requirements (Luke 2:22, 23, 24, 27, 39). More »

A Pause That Refreshes

Did you know that the Hebrew word “selah” occurs seventy times in thirty-nine of the psalms? While we don’t know for certain what it means, many biblical scholars believe that selah was a musical term used to indicate a pause in a song, whether for emphasis or for reflection. More »

Coaching Kids to Career Success

As parents, you help your children to build a strong faith, get a strong education, and develop a strong and healthy body. Do you also consider how to help them build a strong career path? This isn’t just about having a good job and financial security. More »

Why I Love St. Francis de Sales

I was in my early thirties when the Holy Spirit inspired me to have a regular morning prayer time. There were only two problems: my two little ones! They were very early risers, so my best-laid plans for a quiet time were often thwarted. More »

Making Ourselves Paracletes

The [Holy Spirit’s] title “Paraclete” not only speaks about God’s mercy toward us but also opens for us a whole new field of acts of mercy for one another. More »