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Prayer Resource Articles

Prayer Resource Articles

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Keeping It Simple

Take a minute to tell God, in clear, direct, and simple words, what’s on your mind. More »

Praise the Lord

Join the chorus this Christmas, singing the praises of God our Creator, Savior, and King. More »

That’s All There Is to It

Begin to seek Jesus on a regular basis, opening the door of your heart, and you will find the Holy Spirit strengthening your spiritual senses with deeper faith and a greater ability to hear God’s voice More »

Praise and Worship

We are created to praise the Lord, who daily invites us to share in his life forever. More »

Surprised by God

Prepare to be surprised, each day, by God’s response when you pray. More »

Forgiveness—A Gift from God

Forgiveness is a bold spiritual truth and the measure of all our relationships. More »