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Saints & Heroes Resource Articles

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St. Anthony of Padua, Servant of the Gospel

Stories abound about the extraordinary events coloring the life of St. Anthony of Padua, the “wonder-worker.” Fish are said to have listened to him preach, their heads attentively raised out of the river, when the hard of heart refused to heed his words. More »

Aloha, Kamiano!

On May 11, 1873, the steamer Kilauea deposited thirty-three-year-old Father Joseph Damien de Veuster on the landing at Molokai. Bishop Maigret told the disease-ridden crowd gathered there that he had brought them “one who will be a father to you, and who loves you so much that . . . he does not hesitate to become one of you; to live and die with you.” More »

The Extraordinary St. Catherine of Siena

Lapa Benincasa’s shrieks bounced off the walls of her kitchen and into the narrow streets of Siena. Her daughter Catherine, the twenty-fourth of her twenty-five children, had just shaved her head.  More »

Hail, Full of Grace!

Mary was gracious because she was open to God’s grace. She never let anything keep her from receiving his grace. Do you know that you can be full of grace as well? More »

“I Thirst”

That word, “I am thirsty,” is of all the last words that Jesus spoke on the cross the most personal and the most intimate.
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