The Word Among Us

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Praying with Thanksgiving

Expressing gratitude to God can fill us with joy, bind us to God, and carry us through hardships—big benefits for just saying thanks. More »

Praying with Visual Arts

Since the days of the early Church, the visual arts have been an essential tool for expressing our faith. More »

Here I Am, Lord

Come to prayer with this one goal in mind: to find the Lord and to stay by his side. More »

St. Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist

St. Matthew faithfully poured out his life preaching the gospel of mercy that bears his name. More »

Swatting Gnats

Just keep swatting at distractions and random thoughts during your prayer time and go peacefully on. More »

Good Morning, Good God!

These prayers by the “Concord Pastor” touch on the ups and downs, the hopes and fears, joys and sorrows of our daily lives . . . they’re prayers spoken from the heart. More »