The Word Among Us

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The Risen Jesus Is Present in Our Midst

Faith in the Risen Jesus transforms our life: frees it from fear, gives it firm hope, enlivens it with God’s love, which gives full meaning to existence. More »

Extravagant Love

Mary of Bethany was so moved by the sacrifice that Jesus would make for her and for the whole world that she felt compelled to pour her most precious possession on him in an act of thanksgiving and worship. More »

Praying the Penitential Psalms

The “penitential” psalms take the form of laments because their subject is lamenting over sin and the problems that arise for the sinner. More »

Why Do We Need to Pray?

Prayer is the oasis of peace from which we can draw the water that nourishes our spiritual life and transforms our existence. More »

Let Us Seek the Light

As we recall Jesus’ manifestation to humanity in the face of a Child, may we sense the Magi at our side, as wise companions on the way. More »