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Prayer Resource Articles

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Prayer, the Treasure of Our Lives

Everybody in the town knew that she was a “sinner,” and so they shunned her and treated her like an outcast (Luke 7:37, 39). How often she must have cried out to be saved from the horrible loneliness that her sin against God and her neighbors’ rejection caused her! More »

From the Page to the Heart

The person who thirsts for God eagerly studies and meditates on the inspired word, knowing that there he is certain to find the one for whom he thirsts (St. Bernard of Clairvaux, Commentary on the Song of Songs, Sermon 23:3). More »

A Woman Clothed with the Sun

Through her assumption into heaven, Mary enjoys now what all disciples hope for—the resurrection of the body, life eternal in the presence of God. More »

The New Evangelizers.

How should the church evangelize young people? This is the question I had in mind as I entered the World Youth Day Vocation Center, located in Stadion Cracovii, the home turf for Kraków’s soccer team. More »