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Marriage & Family Resource Articles

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Every summer my Aunt Minnie planted a big garden and enlisted me to help water and weed it. As soon as the ground defrosted in western Pennsylvania, she scattered seeds that would yield beans, lettuce, pumpkins, and other vegetables. As summer approached, Aunt Minnie put in her tomatoes. More »

Dad had essentially been unemployed for about ten years. He had jobs here and there in our hometown of Stafford, England, but they never worked out. More »

Easter is the most important feast of the Christian year—so important that the church sets aside a full fifty days to celebrate Jesus’ victory over sin and death. Not many of us are used to sustaining an “Easter spirit” of celebration all the way to Pentecost, though, so here are fifty easy suggestions. More »

A Lesson about Lent

In Minnesota, where I live, Lent comes at just the right time for penance. February and March are the dreariest months of the year. More »

The Sin Basket

I love Lent. It’s no secret. My family knows it, my friends know it, anyone who has any communication with me during this season of unburdening knows it. More »

A Universal Call to Party

My kids seem to love their faith. And why not? The church packs the calendar with dozens of reasons to party. To our family’s way of thinking, “practicing Catholics” are those who celebrate the most. More »

Celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas

Christmas trees go up the day after Thanksgiving and go out the day after Christmas, just before the ritual of returning and exchanging gifts. The time in between is a flurry of parties, shopping, and school events. More »

Channels of Wisdom

Mary’s visit to Elizabeth shortly after the annunciation is usually understood as a mission to assist her elder relative in preparation for the birth of John the Baptist. More »