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Marriage & Family Resource Articles

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“I Will Never Forsake You”

Last week, my father fell and broke his hip. When the call came from the nursing home, my husband and I were about to leave for a much-needed three-day respite. My initial disappointment about abandoning our trip quickly gave way to concern for Dad, who is eighty-five and suffers from dementia. More »

Thanksgiving All Year Long

In the United States and Canada, the national holiday of Thanksgiving is a perfect opportunity to think about gratitude. It can remind us and our families about the importance of being grateful—for the Lord as the source of life, and for one another—all year long. More »

Sometimes, the first day of school feels more like New Year’s Day than the first of January does. Classes are back in session, fall sports, religious ed, and other activities and meetings resume—a new year has begun! It seems like a logical time for making a “back to school” resolution. More »

My five-year-old niece snuggles in closer to my daughter and another cousin. As she smiles up at the older girls, I can tell she feels safe and content. She concentrates on the moment. All three girls finger their rosaries. More »

Does self-help advice make marital communication sound too easy? Licensed clinical therapist Peter Kleponis thinks so. “I cringe a little when I flip through magazines and see articles on ‘10 Easy Steps’ to solving communication problems,” he says. More »